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Obesity Fit Kids Martial Arts Programs

Kickboxing & Conditioning

Classes for women, men and teens 13-19 provide a diverse workout of conditioning and toning for the entire body including the cardiovascular system. Through exercises involving UPKUDO style kicks and punches, one can also learn how to protect oneself. Kickboxing classes may use target pads, large fitness and weighted balls, standing bag and stretch band routines, line drills, hand and feet combinations, freeweights, partner workout, circuit training, super-setting freeweights, extensive floor routines and HITT training to give you the maximum workout for the entire body. Our kickboxing classes require no special uniforms or testing, although kickboxing classes are an excellent way to learn personal safety moves and prepare for martial arts classes. Classes are 1 hour long.

Fit Kids Training for Children with Obesity

Today's generation is the first to have a life expectancy less than that of their parents. Fit Kids physical fitness program has consistently improved in each year 2006 to 2010, 74% in ALL students, 86% in 50% of the students and 675% in 4 students in speed and strength. Case studies were conducted at Alpha's After School and Summer Camp children ages 6-12 using the guidelines of the Presidential Fitness and Governors Fitness Standards. By coming to a structured ongoing exercise program children can improve their health . The reason for the success is proper education by experienced certified trainers, conditioning and repeated practice in agility, strength, flexibility and speed.

Personal Training

Choosing the right trainer is important. Many trainers have the knowledge of techniques and proper nutrition but it is also important they communicate well with you and motivate you to improve your health. We have personal trainers that specialize in exercises that combat obesity, senior and youth fitness. In addition our master fitness specialist can work with those who are coming back from an injury need specific exercises that strengthen them.

Train children is different than the way you train adults. Children's attention spans are shorter and need more fun related exercises. Active Aging training focuses on balance, flexibility, strength and cognitive exercises. Personal trainers realize that those who battle their weight often are hiding issues that run deeper than just their relationship with food. By working with a trainer that understands your needs you can get the greatest results.

Fitness Training

We work several ways to test your fitness levels.
  1. We go by the Presidential Standards for testing (strength, cardio and flexibility)
  2. Use calipers and scale for body fat calibration
  3. Tape measure
In initial private training we record your starting levels then every 3 months re-test. In this way we can adjust where needed to give you the best results.

A food log is recommended for 3 -7 days to help get an idea of your food choices and intake levels.

For over 20 years our trainers have worked with hundreds who wish to get in better shape, learn how to defend themselves and change their thinking to living a healthier lifestyle. The rates and hours are flexible to best suit your needs.

With a Personal Trainer you will be pre and post tested in flexibility, strength and cardio so progress can be measured. You and your trainer will set goals to help you get the results you want.

Families in Training Together

Alpha UPKUDO karate classes boost confidence, improve fitness, and cements famility bonds. When one achieves & succeeds in their work, school or karate goals, everyone is supportive and happy for them. At Alpha UPKUDO karate, students work together while helping each other achieve goals and personal growth. You can help motivate, encourage, and enjoy each others company. Alpha UPKUDO also has family discounts. So don't just sit in the chair watching classes, come and join the family.

Families in Training Together: