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Master Anne Radke
"To empower oneself you must choose your thoughts and behavior such as where to be, how to act, what to say, what to do, with whom to be , what to believe, when to go along, when to resist and whom to trust. These decisions determine your course of action to ensure your personal safety."

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Self defense is the ability to disable an attacker within a few seconds. At Alpha UPKUDO, we teach several levels of self defense. For the children, from simple steps in recognizing agression to ways of coping with threatening behavior with the assistance of an adult. We also teach our students various methods to help them gain confidence in their blocks and counters or if need be, take downs.

Master Anne instructs a self defense

Renshi Lisa teaches a student
how to kick in self defense
Adults learn the three step process of awareness, assessment and action to thwart agressive behavior. We do not teach our students to attack people, but we do not run in the face of danger either. It takes repeated training and working with a variety of sizes and heights, both male and female to get comfortable with self defense moves.
We offer self defense courses for corporations and schools, and recommend ongoing training on a week to week basis to keep your mental and physical skills sharp. Our self defense classes help people learn in a safe, relaxed and fun atmosphere. If you would like more information or schedule private lessons, a seminar, or join a class, call Master Anne at (850) 514-4334 or (850) 566-4544.

Renshi Lisa teaches a student
how to kick in self defense

Master Anne demonstrates a self defense on Trevor
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