Alpha UPKUDO. God gives us the talent, we put forth the effort!
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If you would like to learn more about UPKUDO, or try a free class, please fill out our Information Request Form on WuFoo. Please see our latest coupon below.
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New Student Information

FACEBOOK: (Alpha UPKUDO). If you want to be on the email list of updated news, events and photos, you must email and request to be added. The founder of our system is Grand Master Gary Baker 9th Degree Black Belt. President of the UPKUDO International Karate Federation is Master Anne Radke, 6th Degree Black Belt, training nearly 30 years.
  1. The Mental and Physical advantages of UPKUDO are many! Discipline, focus, control, respect, and always doing your best but other things they learn are the importance of family and being part of a team, how to be their personal best, how to be responsible, being courteous and honorable, personal safety and anti-bullying, katas (pre-arranged set of movements to learn their karate moves), point sparring which is done with control. You improve not only your physical body but your mental thinking and spiritual strength. The more you train, the more it equips you to handle life's battles and personal growth.
  2. SAFETY TRAINING GEAR set usually runs $129.99 to $150 .plus tax for the entire set which includes headgear, handgear, footgear, mouthguard and holder, and tote bag. This can be paid on master cards, visa or cash or check. Shin Insteps are recommended to avoid the clashes to the shins in sparring They are $22 and the groin cup supporter for all boys over 7 years of age and men are $12 for the set. It is recommended that you purchase children's gear at the start to fully participate but it can be delayed a month if finances prohibit it from the being purchased at signup. Adult students do not have to purchase gear if they are not sparring. No student is allowed to spar without proper safety gear purchased from us. All students are required to purchase a uniform before beginning classes. Lafayette Students need to purchase their own mouthguard and holder for $10 and cup/supporters for $15 since Lafayette does not provide those.
  3. Payments: At Alpha UPKUDO we do accept cash, check (made payable to Alpha) or master card and visa (which there is a charge for 3.5%) for dues and gear. For testing fees it has to be check or cash only. There are no refunds or deferred charges as we do not have contracts like most schools. Students pay in advance on or before the 1st of the month they are attending according to a monthly or quarterly agreement. Any payments received after the 5th incurr a $10 late fee. If a student starts mid month it will be prorated.

    Lafayette Students pay dues to the City of Tallahassee at Lafayette Community Center. Gear and Testing go to Alpha UPKUDO. ALL STUDENTS MUST PURCHASE A UNIFORM FOR $55 to 60 to participate in the class. No exceptions.

    Tully's UPKUDO is paid directly to Sensei Debbie Tully. UNIFORM, Gear and Testing go to Alpha UPKUDO. All students must have a uniform purchased through Alpha UPKUDO.
  4. After 30-60 days from joining if they show they have their basics they can earn their first belt in karate called a white belt. Depending on how well they do, they can also receive at that time up to 3 stripes which are called degrees. The fee for this belt is $40. The remaining belts are longer time periods to earn and are higher as belt rank goes up. Degrees on kyu belts are only $25 each. Yellow then 1, 2 3rd degree yellow, Green then 1,2 3 degree green, Red then 1,2, 3rd degree red and finally Black Belt. The fees are higher as you come closer to black belt and take years to accomplish this.

    What most do is after they get their red belt they start on the degrees paying toward their black belts extra so the cost isn't too much at once. but the next time they test for yellow belt won't be until at least 3 to 4 months after their white belt test so you see it is a good time period to go to the belt test and with each level it gets harder and more requirements. Children in black belt are tested the same as adults so if your little guys keep with it, it will truly be earned. Process is usually 3 to 4 years to reach black belt and sometimes longer for younger children as essays must be written.

    Alpha UPKUDO classes are taught by Master Anne Radke (adult and teens) and she oversees all classes. Renshi Liz Tatum , Renshi Debbie, Mr Josey rotate in Wednesday Children Class, Sensei Geremy teaches Monday Children, Sensei Daniel and Sensei Justin teach Children and Teens Tuesday, And Master Anne and Sense Justin teach Wednesday teens and Adult. Class fees are based on 4 or 8 classes a month. Any months that have holidays are usually evened out with the months that have 5 weeks. There is no extra charge for 5 week months. There also is no extra charge for training practices that are not held in the student's normal class time if they are making up a class.

    Lafayette Classes located at Lafayette Community Center taught by Sensei Geremy Gerald Tuesdays 4:30-6:30

    Tully's UPKUDO off Hwy 20 Luther Hall Road are taught by Renshi Debbie Tully 6-8pm Mondays

    Alpha has Kickboxing Classes Tuesday at 6pm by Ms Sonia Clark

    Alpha's Karate is Monday is taught by Sensei Geremy Gerald

    Wednesday at 6pm is led by Renshi Liz Tatum and Mr. Josey Assisted by Renshi Debbie Tully

    Tuesday at 7pm is taught by Sensei /justin English and Daniel Boydston

    Wednesday at 6 taught by Master Anne Radke and Sensei Justin English

    Wednesday at 7pm Highrank and Black Belt only taught by Master Anne Radke
  5. Patches on the front can be purchased at any time. They are the sew on kind $20 for the Federation patch and $20 for the Alpha Patch. The embroidery on the back is custom and the fee is $50 and can be done at any time. Contact Master Anne by phone 514-4334 or email
  6. After participation in 3 demonstrations and or 3 tournaments and have the student has exhibited they are an asset to the demo or competition team, they will be asked if they are willing to commit to the demo or competition team. If so, they will receive a patch. However they MUST be at all practices. Students usually purchase the pull over the head style uniform to have all their patches and special embroidery on it. This usually is $150 uniform. They also are allowed special privileges like red pants and red gear which the team wears. So it is exciting to be on the team. All team members MUST HAVE the small school patch on the front as well as the UPKUDO Grand Master Patch before being accepted.
  7. We are asked to perform karate demonstrations from time to time and I hope you or your child are interested in being in it. This may require a few extra practices at no additional charge. Also students must have their gear if sparring. Practices are MANDATORY and only special exceptions are allowed to miss them.
  8. Grand Master Gary Lee Baker comes and teaches the students about 2 times a year and member fees are only $45 each prepay a week or earlier. Spectator fees are $10 each and if not a member it is $75 and $25. Once you test you are considered as your family is a member. It is a great time for the founder of the system to see your child and make suggestions to them and to me or the other teachers on how to teach them better. Photos are welcomed but no video taping. We like to share all the photos taken in a folder on Facebook, so please share. A copy on video of the seminar is $35.
  9. We usually host an inner school tournament once a year. There is a competitor entry fee of $45 but that pays for the trophies and every person receives one and a shirt. Spectator fees helps us contribute to Local non profit A Better Body and St Judes Childrens Hospital. These are our charities of choice. Sometimes we go to out of town tournaments and compete but you must be approved to do so. We are always looking for shirt sponsors so if you know of a business that wants their logo on the back of the tournament shirt, it is $50 advertising sponsorship and is tax deductible.
  10. Weapons training is reserved for green belt and up. The weapons we train in are the bo staff and the sais. You must exhibit control of the weapon and have completed the drills prior to learning the weapons katas.
  11. Order of rank
    1. No Belts (Kyu)
    2. White Belts
    3. Yellow Belts
    4. Green Belts
    5. Red Belts
    6. Keligion Kais - Students who are in special internship to be a teacher one day.
    7. Black Belts - 1-10th degree
      Master Anne is 6th degree and Grand Master is 9th Degree because his teacher is still alive and you cannot pass your instructor. His name is Larry Rhinehart.
Some people are recommended for Kelegion Kai rank which in means a teacher internship. To enter the program the fee is $375. An essay is required to be written as to why accepting this position would be important to you. There is no pass or fail or certain belt rank to be recommended. This assistant teaching certification allows the student after gaining adequate knowledge to help teach and eventually after a year be able to teach their own class and accept compensation for doing so. Belt ranking as long as you are a kelegion kai is the same fees as any other student. The advantage is that you are considered in the black belt group and entitled to special priveledges that other students cannot be included on.

So it looks good on a resume for future employment and gives the student an opportunity to be able to make money at green belt level if you have been assisting long enough. It also allows you to teach your own class after Master Anne's Approval. This gives opportunity to be compensated while gaining experience.

There is so much more and the web tells some of it at But maybe this will help with any questions you have. We usually have cards on the counter for birthdays so please feel free to sign them. On their birthdays they are allowed to bring a friend to class. If you have any questions please contact your instructor or Master Anne Radke at 514-4334 or We also participate in free food donations and you are welcome to take some.

So glad to have you part of the family!